Learn our FIVE-FINGER system to speak Spanish in a few weeks

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If you learn Spanish with our five-finger system, we are confident that your Spanish learning process will be highly effective.  Here are five reasons why you should study with our system:

  1. You will learn to make basic sentences with a logical sense, thus allowing effective communication.
  2. You will think directly in Spanish; therefore, you will make the learning process natural. You will not need to translate from one language to another to understand or speak.
  3. You will start producing sentences, but you will see how you will be building conversations by using several sentences, which makes you gain confidence in yourself. You will want to be more in contact with the Spanish language every day.
  4. By learning the system and following its steps, you will see how you can use it to speak in the present, past, future, and other verb tenses practically and straightforwardly.
  5. We assure you that after the first week of classes, you will produce sentences in Spanish that you can use in your daily life, for example, supermarkets, pharmacy, taxi or Uber, restaurants, banks, and many more places.

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