All our teachers are Spanish native-speakers

Our teachers provide you with the optimum learning experience by combining the latest technology with the human skills of native teachers. The high student´s retention rate and endless commendations about our teachers prove that customers love our classes.

We employ highly qualified, professional Spanish teachers to explain carefully and  to encourage students.

When we hire our Spanish teachers we look for these traits: dynamic, cultured, knowledgeable, reliable and funny. The tutors are flexible and adaptable to your learning needs, so just tell them what area of language learning you would like to focus on.

Our teachers foster your desire to learn a new language quickly and accurately.

Our Spanish Teachers

Teacher Alex:  Hello ! I’m Alejandra Murillo. I studied Design and Architecture but soon discovered that my real passion was Spanish teaching as a second language.

I started teaching over fourteen years ago and each day I like it better. Spanish Language can be funny and easy to learn, depending on how you are learning it. I know that because I have been studying English and Japanese for a long time and it has been very challenging.

But I believe that if the Spanish teacher can make the learning process funny and interesting, it would be easier to learn.

“Let us teach you to love Spanish language as we do”

Teacher Wagner:  Hello friends! My name is Wagner Freer and I have worked at the school since the day we opened (August 2010) with our first student, Raymond Dunstan.

During this time I have fallen in love with what I do, because it has given me the opportunity to learn about different cultures around the world.

Definitely, teaching Spanish as a second language has changed my life as I enjoy when my students get to understand, produce, think and speak the language, you all are “Pura Vida”.

Teacher Alex

Teacher Wagner

Teacher Alex – Group Classes