Classes Online via Zoom

This Spanish Program is designed specifically for those looking to improve their Spanish from the comfort of their house or office. 

Often students live outside Costa Rica but they want to learn or to continue their Spanish Program through Online Classes.  Additionally, sometimes the students live in Costa Rica but, for whatever reason, it is not possible for them attending classes in our school location at Escazú but they want to take classes with us. For these reasons, this Online Spanish Program is very convenient for them!

There are some specific reasons why you can choose this option to study:

  • You can learn from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere else you choose.
  • Class schedules are flexible, convenient and suitable to your lifestyle.
  • You can use different devices to take your class: mobile, notebook, tablet, etc.
  • If you need it, we can send all the information and practice materials to your email account and is not necessary to print it.
  • We use the platform ZOOM to teach our Online Spanish Classes.
  • If the Students are outside Costa Rica, they can pay the online package using Paypal

Spanish School for Residents and Expats offers the option to study Spanish Online in Private Lessons. Read more about this program below.

Prices for Private Classes

08 hours Private Classes
$ 240.00 p/month
One on One
02 hours per week
1 or 2 days classes p/week
+ $50 registration fee (only 1 time)
12 hours Private Classes
$ 360.00 p/month
One on One
03 hours per week
2 days classes p/week
+ $50 registration fee (only 1 time)
16 hours Private Classes
$ 480.00 p/month
One on One
04 hours per week
02 days classes p/week
+ $50 registration fee (only 1 time)