Private Classes for Residents & Expats

This Spanish Program is designed specifically for those looking to improve their Spanish while living abroad in Costa Rica. 

Private lessons are ideal for students with limited time, or students who want to create a customized course. The student and teacher develop a specific curriculum based around areas the student would like to strengthen and adjust it as the student progresses and the teacher recognizes areas where the student needs improvement. Some areas to focus on could be: communication skills, pronunciation, vocabulary building, writing and listening skills, grammar, etc.

Private lessons can be held at the school’s location, or at the student’s home or office. Each lesson is a one-on-one 2, 4 or 6 hour commitment per week, with the minimum of 08 hours per month.

We believe the best approach to teaching Spanish is to teach students what they need to know in real life situations. You will learn what to say in a bank, restaurant, government office, supermarket, drugstore, or grocery store, or when talking to a taxi driver. This approach not only builds your confidence; it also lets you communicate better with the locals and take your experience to a whole new level.

Description of our Programs for Residents and Expats

  • Monthly Programs: All the programs for Resident and Expats have a duration of 4 weeks. When the Student finished the program can renew for another 4 weeks.
  • Days of classes: According on your goals, you can you choose how many days of classes per week you want to take. You can choose since 3, 2 or 1 day per week. After the interview we can suggest you how many days needs to take to improve or learn Spanish.
  • 02 hours of classes per day:  The quantity of hours of classes per day depends also on your goals, but many of our students take our suggestion of 02 hours per day. Studying Spanish it is a process, and you can study in relaxing and effective mode !
  • Real Immersion to Spanish: Remember that you are living in Costa Rica, and you are in touch with the Spanish almost 95% of the time . This is very good for you, because you have the possibility to put in practice all that you learn in our School. You need to take advantage of this opportunity !
  • Schedule of Classes: Our first group of classes start at 9:00 am and our last group finish at 9:00 pm. Almost 12 hours of classes per day ( Monday to Friday ). We will indicate you the different options of groups according on your Spanish Level.
  • Special Package for Couples: We want to encourage the possibility of studying, practicing and doing homework together. For this reason we have a special price for couples. This package is designed for Couples. Apply some restricctions with this package. See the prices here: Prices for Couples.
  • Students Resources: Our students can find different free resources to study Spanish. We want to give them the tools to practice at home or office like complement to our classes online or presential sessions. You can access this resources using your tablet, computer and cellphone anytime.

Private Sessions with John

Private Sessions with Corine

Prices for Private Classes – Residents Program

3 days p/week
$ 780.00 p/month
24 hours per month
06 hours per week
02 hrs p/day (1.45 min)
+ $50 registration fee (only 1 time)
2 days p/week
$ 520.00 p/month
16 hours per month
04 hours per week
02 hrs p/day (1.45 min)
+ $50 registration fee (only 1 time)
1 day p/week
$ 260.00 p/month
08 hours per month
02 hours per week
02 hrs p/day (1.45 min)
+ $50 registration fee (only 1 time)
** Apply conditions

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