This is a new special section for our current Spanish students and for those that are thinking about taking one of our Spanish Programs.

We know that learning a new language requires hours of practice. That is why with this section we want to give you the opportunity to learn Spanish or refresh your Spanish skills outside the classroom.

Below you will see a monthly calendar with the information about our previous classes and the next classes. To join a “live” class all you need to do is click the “Register in the Class” link for the day and time you want.

If is not possible for you to join “live” class, no worries. Starting the next day you can watch the “See the video here” by clicking that link. Additionally, you can download the different documents we used during the session.

Platform we are using to teach

Several weeks ago we started using ZOOM. This is a really good Video Conferencing Program. The first time you use it, you need to install a pluggin, but after that just you only need to enter to the session and enjoy the Spanish class.

Requirements to access the classes

  • Computer, Tablet or Cellphone

    Android or IOS

  • Access to Internet

    Connection to Internet

  • Camera and microphone

Schedule of Classes

August & September 2017

Subject of the class:Irregular Verbs Pres & Pret Regular Verbs Pres & PretNouns
Masc & Fem
AdjectivesUses of Pura VidaHow to order in the restaurant
Day of the class:Thursday Aug 24thThursday Aug 31stMonday Sept 04thSunday Sept 10thSunday Sept 17thSunday Sept 24th
Time: 02:30 pm11:30 am CRT02:00 pm CRT10:00 am CRT10:00 am CRT10:00 am CRT
Tutor:Wagner FreerWagner FreerWagner FreerWagner FreerWagner FreerWagner Freer

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