Tiquismos – Costa Rican Street Language

A to H


Abrirse – To leave or to go.
Achantado – Disappointed.
Achantarse – To be lazy or not feel like doing anything.
Achará – To be a pity.
A culo pelado – Nude, naked
Aflojar – To pay.
Agachado – Un motivated
Agarrado – A stingy or cheap person.
Agarrar cancha – To take advantage of someone or gain experience.
Agarrar de chanco – To pull a person’s leg or fool someone.
Agarrar de maje – Make a fool of someone.
Agarrar de mona – To pull someone’s leg (figurative).
Agarrar el mensaje – To get the hint or idea.
Agarrarse – To get into a fight.
Agarrarla toda – To have good luck or success.
Agarrar volados – To learn.
Agazapado – Hypocrite
Agringado – To have customs and manners like a gringo.
Aguado – Boring.
Agüevado – Depressed or bored.
Agüizote – Bad luck.
Agúevarse – To become bored.
Ahorcarse – To get married.
Ahí nos vidrios – See you later.
A la par – Next to.
Al bate – To not understand something.
Al tiro – Immediately.
Al trole – On foot.
Alborotado – Sexually excited.
Alborotar el panal – Stir up things or make trouble.
Alboroto – Uproar.
¿Al chile? – Seriously?
Al despiste – Discretely.
Alimentar las pulgas – To sleep.
Algo es algo, pero son nalgas – Something is better than nothing (vulgar).
Amarrar el perro – Not to pay a debt.
Amarrarse la enaguas – Act tough or impose authority (woman).
Amarrarse los pantalones – Act tough or impose authority (man).
Amarrar el perro – To pay less than one should.
Amansar la mula – To get married.
Amarrarse la gorda – To cause an uproar or start a fight.
A mecate corto – On a short leash or curtail someone’s freedom.
A medias – To share the cost or go” fifty
A medio palo – To do something halfway.
A puro gúevo – By force.
Andar cagado – To have a lot of money (vulgar).
Andar cargado – To have a lot of money.
Andar con alguien – To date someone.
Andar hasta el culo – To be drunk (vulgar).
Andar miado – To have bad luck.
Añejo – An unkempt or dirty person.
Animalada – An act caused by bad manners.
Apagado – Listless person
A pata – On foot.
Apenado – Embarrassed.
Aperezado – Lazy.
Aplancharse a alguien – To have sex with someone (vulgar).
Apiar a alguien – To knock some down.
Apretar – To kiss someone with passion.
Apuntarse – To participate.
Apurado – To be in a hurry.
A puro güevo – No other choice.
Argolla – A “click” or select group of people.
Armarse la gorda – To start a fight.
Armar un molote – To raise an uproar or cause a scene.
Arrancado – To be mad or angry.
Arrastrada – Woman of the streets.
Arratonarse – Suffer a muscular cramp.
Arriar – To hit someone.
Aterro – A large amount.
Arrimado – To live off someone.
A toda madre – Something that is good.
Atollarse – To get dirty.
Atracador – A person who charges too much.
Atracar – To charge too much.
Atravesado – Crazy.
Aventar – To rob.
Aventón – To hitch a ride.
Avispado – Sharp or intelligent.
Avivarse – To be up to date or on top of things.
Ayote – Stupid.


Babosada – Stupidity.
Baboso – Stupid
Bajarle el piso a alguien – To steal a person’s job.
Bajarle los humos a alguien – To discourage someone.
Banano – Male sexual organ (vulgar).
Bandido – An astute person or rascal.
Barra – A group or gang of young people.
Barrer con todo – To take it all.
Bajarse los humos – To become disappointed.
Batazo – A guess.
Bateador – Someone who guesses.
Batear – To guess at something.
Batir barro – To take an off
Beneficio – A plant where coffee grains are processed.
Berrinche – A temper tantrum.
Bestia – A stupid person (insult).
Birra – Beer
Birrear – To drink beer.
Blanco – A cigarette
Boca – An appetizer.
Bochinche – A fight.
Bochinchero – A fighter.
Bolas – Testicles (vulgar).
Bomba – A strong mixture of liquor or type of rhyme.
Bombazo – A strong alcoholic drink.
Bombearse – To get drunk or bombed.
Bombeta – A firecracker.
Bombón – An attractive woman.
Borona – A crumb.
Botarse – To be generous.
Bostezo – A boring person
Botar el rancho – To vomit
Bote – Jail
Brete – Work
Breteador – Hard working.
Brochazo – Praise.
Buchón – Someone who likes to “hog” things.
Buenas – Good morning, good afternoon.
Buena hablada – A good talker.
Buena nota – A nice or cool person or thing.
Bulto – A child’s book bag.
Burrada – A stupid act.


Caballada – A stupid act.
Caballos – Pants.
Cabra – Woman, girlfriend (disrespectful).
Cabreado – Mad.
Cabrearse – To become mad.
Cabrón – A man (vulgar).
Cachetón – Fat.
Cachos – Shoes
Caer – To visit someone.
Caerle la peseta – To understand something.
Caer en la pura picha – To dislike someone (very vulgar).
Cagadera – Diarrhea (vulgar).
Cagarse de risa – To laugh a lot (vulgar).
Cagarse en algo – To spoil something (vulgar).
Cagarse en alguien – To do something bad to someone (vulgar).
Cagarse en la gran puta – To spoil something (very vulgar).
Cagarse en la leche – To ruin something (very vulgar).
Camanance – Dimple.
Camarón – A type of odd job.
Camaroneando – To work odd jobs.
Cambiarle el agua al pajarito – To urinate (vulgar).
Camisa de once varas – A bad situation.
Camote – An odd or strange person.
Campo – Room or space.
Cantar la gallina – The woman rules the house.
Cantar sin guitarra – To give oneself away.
Cañas – Slang for Costa Rican money instead of saying colones.
Capearse – To escape or dodge something.
Carajada – Any thing or object.
Carajo – Person
Carajillo – Child
Carambada – A thing.
Carambolar – To beat up someone.
Carbonear – To incite another person to do something.
Carbonero – A person who incites others.
Caribarro – A shameless person.
Caer – To visit.
Caripicha – Penis face (very insulting).
Caripichel – Penis face (very insulting).
Carnavalear – To have a good time.
Cartucho – Slang for the Costa Rican city of Cartago.
Cascarudo – A nervy person.
Cerrar el chinamo – To finish what you are doing and leave.
Cerrar el paraguas – To die.
Cerote – An obnoxious person (vulgar).
Cien metros – One block
Cien varas – One block.
Clavar el pico – To fall asleep.
Clavear – To protest.
Clavo – A problem.
Coco – A head or shaved head.
Cohete – A pistol.
Colado – A person who is not invited.
Colgar los tacos – To retire.
Colgar los tenis – To die
Colocho – Curl (hair).
Color – Shame
Comerle a alguien – To talk bad about a person.
Como alma que lleva el diablo – Do something fast.
¿Cómo amaneció? – Good morning! How do you feel this morning? This expression is used to greet people only in the morning.
Como entierro de pobre – To do something fast
¿Cómo está el arroz? – How is the situation?
Compa – Friend.
Componerse – Change ones attitude or ways for the better.
Con el moco caído – To be sad.
Con toda la pata – Great, fantastic.
Conchada – A gross act.
Concho – A gross person.
Condenado – A smart person or rascal.
Con toda la pata – Perfect.
Copo – Snow cone
Correrse las tejas – To go crazy.
Cortarle el rabo – To fire someone from a job.
Coscorrón – To hit some on the head with your knuckles.
Costroso – A dirty person.
Cotorra – A person who talks a lot.
Creerse doña toda – To be conceited.
Creerse la mamá de Trazan – To be conceited.
Cuatro ojos – A person with glasses.
Cuadrar – To like something.
Cuentear – To gossip or spread false rumors
Cuentero – A liar or gossip
Cuero – A woman with a bad reputation (vulgar).
Culiar – To have sex (vulgar).
Cuita – Excrement (vulgar).
Cuitear – To defecate (vulgar).
Culantro – Butt, rear end or woman (vulgar).
Culiolo – A male homosexual (vulgar)
Culo de tres nalgas – A conceited woman.
Culo pelado – Nude (vulgar).


Chances – Lottery.
Chancho – A person who acts like a pig or has bad table manners.
Chante – House.
Chapa – A coin or stupid person.
Chapear – To cut grass or brush.
Chapulín – A juvenile delinquent, gang member or tractor.
Charral – A field covered with brush.
Chavalo – Boy
Chavala – Girl
Chele – A person with white skin.
Chepear – To snoop.
Chepe – Slang for the city of San José or a snoopy person.
Chepito – A snoopy person.
Chicha – Anger or an alcoholic beverage made from fermented corn.
Chicha – Also means angry.
Chichero – A common alcoholic.
Chichí – A baby
Chiflado – Crazy.
Chile – A joke
Chinamo – A type of booth or stand usually found on the street
Chinear – To spoil or “baby” someone.
Chinga – A cigarette butt.
Chingar – Causing harm
Chingo – Nude.
Chiripa – Coincidence or fluke.
Chispa – An intelligent person.
Chiva – Excellent
Chivo – A man who is supported by a woman.
Cholo – A person with dark skin…
Chonete – A type of hat.
Chopo – A pistol
Choricear – To do illegal business or fence objects.
Choricero – A person who does illegal business
Chorizo – An illegal business, scam or corruption.
Chorreados – A type of pancake.
Choza – House
Chozón – A big home.
Chuica – A rag or old clothes.
Chulear – To leach off someone or swindle.
Chulo – A person who lives off others.
Chumeco – A person with dark skin.
Chunche – Any thing or object.
Chupahuevos – An ass kisser or servile person (vulgar)
Chuzo – Car


Dar atole con el dedo – To sting someone along.
Dar bola – To flirt or pay attention to someone.
Dar la talla – To do a good job.
Dar pelota – To flirt or pay attention to someone.
Dar vuelta – To be unfaithful to one’s mate.
Darle vueltas a un asunto – To toss around an idea.
De buenas a primeras – Immediately.
De cabo a rabo – From beginning to end.
De feria – On top of that.
De los once mil diablos – Big.
De película – Excellent.
De por sí – Anyway.
De un pronto u otro – Suddenly.
De viaje – All at once.
Dejado – A person with an untidy appearance.
Dejar botado a alguien – To stand someone up.
Dejar como novia del pueblo – Means the same thing as dejar plantado.
Dejar el tren – To become an old maid.
Dejar plantado – To stand someone up.
Dejémonos de vainas – Seriously
Desmadre – Total chaos.
Despabilarse – To be on top of things.
Despelote – A mess.
Despiche – A mess but also can mean a “good time” or “fun.” Can also mean a mess or disaster.
Detrás del palo – To not understand something.
¿Diay? – What can be done about it?
¡Dios guarde! – God forbid!
Dolor de culo – A pain in the butt or neck (vulgar).
Dolor de huevos – A pain in the balls or neck (vulgar).
Doña – Wife.


Echado – Lazy.
Echar al agua – To tell on someone. The verbs delatar, soplar or cantar are also used.
Echar el caballo – Try to say nice things to seduce someone.
Echar el cuento – Try to say nice things to seduce someone.
Echar el ruco – Try to say nice things to seduce someone.
Echarse flores – To praise oneself.
Echarse la soga al cuello – To get married.
Echarse un pedo – To flatulent (vulgar).
Echar un lance – To conquer a woman.
El güevo – A lot of money.
Embarcar – To put someone in a jam involve them in something.
En dos patadas – In a jiffy.
En dos taconazos – In a jiffy.
En un dos por tres – Quickly.
Enchorpar – To put in jail.
Enculado – In love (vulgar).
Enfiebrado – Enthused.
Enganche – Influence.
Engomado – To have a hangover.
Enjaranarse – To go into debt.
Ennoviado – To have a boyfriend or girlfriend.
Entrar con toda la valija – To be deceived by someone.
En puta – A lot of something (vulgar).
Espantoso – An ugly person or thing.
Está legal – It’s o.k. or cool.
Estaca – A cheap person.
Estamos tablas – We are even (debt)!
Estañón sin fondo-A bottomless pit (appetite).
Estar bien parado – To have it made.
Estar cagado – To have bad luck (vulgar).
Estar cagado en plata – To have a lot of money.
Estar como todos los diablos – To be mad.
Estar de buenas – To be in a good mood.
Estar de buenas pulgas – To be in a good mood.
Estar de chicha – To be in a bad mood.
Estar de goma – To have a hangover.
Estar de malas pulgas – To be in a bad mood.
Estar frito – To not have a chance.
Estar hasta el copete – To be fed up with something.
Estar hasta el rabo – To be drunk.
Estar hasta la coronilla – To be fed up with something.
Estar en todas – To be well informed or on top of everything.
Estar hasta el culo – To be drunk on ones ass (vulgar).
Estar hasta la picha – Also to be very drunk (vulgar).
Estar hasta la mecha – To be drunk.
Estar hecho leña – To bed sick, frustrated, or unmotivated.
Estar limpio – To be broke.
Estar que se lo lleva puta – To be angry (vulgar).
Estirar la pata – To die.
¡Estoy varado! – I’m stuck some place!


Facha – Poorly dressed.
Fajarse – To work or study a lot.
Fiebre – A sports fan or fanatic.
Fila – A line where people wait.
Filo – Hunger
Fisgonear- To snoop
Fondillo – A person’s butt.
Forro – A cheat sheet for an exam.
Fregado – Sick, broken or screwed up.
Fregar – To bother
Fregón – A person who bothers people a lot.
Fresco – A nervy or shameless person.
Fría – A beer.
Fuera de onda – A person who is not up to date on things like music, clothing styles, etc.


Gacilla – A safety pin.
Gajo – An old thing or piece of junk.
Gallo pinto – Rice and beans.
Garabato – Scribbling.
Gastar polvo en zopilotes – Waste time on something that is not worthwhile.
Gata – A jack to lift a car.
Gato – A person with blue eyes.
Gato encerrado – More that what meets the eye.
Goma – A hangover.
Greña – Unkept hair.
Guaca – Money.
¡Guacala! – Used to express disgust.
Guachear – To spy, watch or observe.
Guanaco – A person from Guanacaste (disrespectful).
Guaro – Moonshine (illegal liquor).
Güeval – A large amount of something.
Güevazo – A big hit or blow (vulgar).
Güevón – A man (said between men).
Güevonada – A stupid act.
Güila – A little boy or girl.
Guindo – A cliff or ravine.
Guindado – Uninvited person or pest.
Guindo – A cliff or precipice.
Guineo – Male sexual organ (vulgar).


Habladera – A lot of talking.
Hablar en chino – To not understand.
Hablar mierda – To talk a lot of crap (vulgar).
Hacerse el mae – To play dumb.
Hacer ojos – Flirt with.
Hacer Trillo – To make a name for oneself.
Hacerse el ruso – To play dumb.
Harina – Money.
Hasta el rabo – Drunk.
Hasta la mecha – Drunk.
Hecho leña – To be in bad shape.
Hecho mierda – To be in bad shape (vulgar).
Hecho pistola – To be in bad shape.
Hediondo – A jerk or asshole (vulgar).
Hembrón – A pret woman.
Hijo de puta o hijueputa – Pronounced, ee
Hijueputear -To scare or use foul language.
Hocicón – Big mouth (disrespectful).
Hombre pendejo no goza de mujer bonita – A cowardly person won’t get anywhere in life.
Huaquero – Grave robber.
Huelepedos – An ass kisser or servile person (vulgar).
Huevón – A man (vulgar).

I to Z


Ingenio – A plant where sugar is processed.
Írsele arriba a alguien – To get an advantage over someone.


Jacha – Face.
Jaibo – Stupid person (insult).
Jalado – Dissipated or pale.
Jalarse una torta – To commit an error or get pregnant.
Jalar – To date a person. It also means to go somewhere.
¡Jale! – Hurry up! or Get moving! Soque is also used.
Jama – Food
Jamar – To eat
Jamonear – To bully someone.
Jamonero – Bully
Jarana – A debt
Jareta – Zipper
Jarro – Face
Jartar – To eat.
Jeta – Mouth
Jetonear – To lie
Jetas – Liar
Jetón – Liar
Joder – To bother (vulgar form). Molestar is the correct word.
Jodedera – Constant bothering of a person (vulgar).
Jodido – Difficult, sick, broken, a stubborn or evil person (vulgar).
¡No jodás! – Leave me alone! Stop bothering me (vulgar).
Jugado – An experienced or streetwise person.
Jugar de vivo – Brag or act cool
¡Jueputa! – S.O.B. (vulgar).
Juntado – Shacked up or living with someone.
Jupa – Head.
Jupa de teflón – A forgetful person.
¡Jueputal! – Damn! (vulgar).
Jupón – Big headed or stubborn person.


Kinder – Kindergarten


La cagadera – Diarrhea (vulgar).
La madre – Terrible.
Lance – A sexual conquest
La peni – Prison.
Lapicero – A ball point pen.
Larguirucho – A lanky person.
Lata – A bus.
La tapa del perol – The best of the best.
Leda – Age.
Legal – Acceptable.
Leñazo-A strong blow.
Limpio – Broke.
¡Lo duda! – You said it! You are right!


Llamar a Hugo – To vomit.
Llanta – A spare tire around the waist.
Llevarla suave – To take it easy.
Llevarse puta – To get upset (vulgar).
Llorar a moco tendido – To cry a lot.


Macho – A person with blond hair.
Madrear – To insult a person (vulgar).
¡Mae! – A young man or stupid person.
Maicero – A hick or country person (insult).
Majijo – A person who has a hair lip.
Mal de patria – Homesick.
Mala fama – A bad reputation.
Mala ficha – A bad reputation.
Mamacita – A beautiful woman (vulgar).
Mamar – To flunk a test.
Mamulón – An adult or big person.
¡Manda güevo! – It’s unbelievable (vulgar!). How can it be?
Mandamás – The boss.
Mano suelta – A person who is too generous.
Manudo – A person from the city of Alajuela.
Mañas – Bad habits.
Maricón – Coward
Mariconada – A cowardly act.
Marimba – Teeth.
Matalances – A party proper or kill joy.
Matar la culebra – To waste time.
Me lleva puta – To be angry (vulgar).
Mear fuera del tarro – Not know what you’re talking about (vulgar).
Mecha – Marijuana
Mechudo – Person with uncombed hair.
Medalla – A 50 colón coin.
Media naranja – Your perfect mate or lover.
Media teja – 500 colones (Costa Rican money).
Mentar la madre – Insult a person’s mother.
Mejenga – Informal pick up game of soccer.
Mejenguear – To play an informal game of soccer.
Meter el hombro – To help someone.
Meter la pata – To put your foot in your mouth.
Metiche – A snoopy or nosy person.
Miar – To urinate (vulgar).
Mico – Female organ (vulgar).
Mierdoso – A brat.
Moncha – Hunger
Monchar – To eat or munch.
Molote – A crowd of people.
Montarse en la carreta – To get drunk.
Monte – Marijuana.
Mover el esqueleto – To dance.


¡Ni a palos! – Not for anything in this world.
¡Ni a putas! – Not for anything in this world (vulgar).
Ni mierda – Nothing (vulgar).
¡Ni modo! – Cannot do anything about it.
Ni papa – Nothing.
Ni un cinco – Broke.
No es jugando – Very serious.
No estar en nada – To be in the dark or know anything.
¡No se monte! – Don’t mess with me!
¡No te atraso! – I don’t care what you do!
Nota – A good thing.


¡Ojo! – Be careful!
Olla de carne – Costa Rican dish made of meat and vegetables.
Orinar fuera del tarro – Don’t know what you’re talking about.


Pachanga – A party or blast.
Pachuco – A type of street slang.
Pachucos – Underwear.
Paco – A policeman (insult).
Paja – Lies or B.S.
Pajoso – Someone who speaks a lot of paja or B.S.
Palabrota – A vulgar word.
Palanca – Pull or influence.
Palenque – A thatched hut
Palmarse – To die.
Palo – A tree.
Palo de piso – A mop.
Pancho – Female organ (vulgar).
Panocha – Female genital organ
Papero – A person who lives in Cartago.
Papucho – Good looking man.
Papi – Father or sweetheart.
Paquetear – To deceive
Parte – Traffic or parking ticket.
Pasar raspando – To scrape by on a test.
Patear con los dos – Bisexual (vulgar).
Patear el balde – To kick the bucket or die.
Patriarca – Foot (part of body).
Pega – A pain in the neck.
Pegar el gordo – Win the lottery.
Pelarse el culo – To commit an error or make a fool of oneself (vulgar).
Pegarse una ruleada – To sleep.
Pelar los dientes – To smile.
Pelo de gato – Drizzle
¡Pelo el ojo! – Watch out!
Pelón – A party.
Pellejo – An unattractive woman (insult).
Pelota de gente – A large group of people.
Pendejada – Something of little importance.
Peni – Jail.
Pepiado – In love
Pepita – Female sex organ (vulgar).
Pepiarse – To fall in love.
Perder hasta la casa santa – Lose everything.
Perder un tornillo – To be missing a screw or crazy.
Perico – Cocaine.
Perrear – To chase women (vulgar).
Perra – A loose woman (vulgar).
Perro – Girl crazy man.
Pesado – Obnoxious.
Peso – One colón (Costa Rican Money).
Pescuezo – Neck (part of the body).
Picha – A vulgar term for a penis.
Pichasear – To bat up someone (vulgar).
Pichazal – A large quantity.
Piedra – Crack cocaine.
Piedrero – Crack head (cocaine).
Pierna – A person of influence.
Pijarse – To get high on marijuana.
Pinche – A tight
Pichel – Face or glass pitcher.
Pinga – Male sex organ (vulgar).
Pingüino – A nun (bad taste).
Pinta – A delinquent
Pinta – Appearance.
Pinto – Rice and beans.
Pipa – A smart person or coconut.
Pisar – To have sexual relations (vulgar).
Planchar la oreja – Sleep.
Plátano – A male homosexual (vulgar).
Platanazo – A homosexual (vulgar).
Platero – A money
Playa – A female homosexual (don’t use this word).
Playada – Feminine behavior or a bad experience.
Playo – Male homosexual (don’t use this word).
Polaco – A Jewish person.
Polaquear – To sell from door to door.
Polo – A country person or hick.
Pollo – Beautiful woman.
Polvazal -A lot of dust.
Polvo – Sex act (vulgar).
Polvazo – A person who is good in bed (vulgar).
¡Póngale! – Hurry up!
Ponerlo – To have sex (woman).
Ponerse águila – Pay attention.
Ponerse al hilo – Pay your bills to date.
Ponerse bravo – To get mad.
Ponerse chivo – To get mad.
Ponerse tapis – To get drunk.
Poner como un Chuica – To humiliate.
Por dicha – Fortunately.
Por fa – Please
Porta a mí – Who cares?
Portrero – Pasture
Poza – Swimming hole.
Precarista – A squatter.
Premiada – Pregnant.
Presa – A traffic jam.
Pringar – To splatter.
Profe – A teacher
Pulpería – A small corner grocery store.
Pulsear – To bargain or work hard.
Pulseándola – Working hard.
Pura mierda – Full of crap! (vulgar).
¡Pura vara! – Lies!
¡Pura vida! – Great or fantastic.
Puta – Whore (vulgar).
Puros dieces – Very well.
Putada – A thing (vulgar).
Putica – A Costa Rica whole (vulgar).
Putero – A whore house (vulgar).


¡Qué cáscara! – What nerve!
¡Qué chiva! – How great!
¡Qué color! -How embarrassing!
Quedado – Someone who flunks the school year.
Quedar como un culo – Look like a fool (vulgar).
Quedarse – To flunk in school.
Quedarse como misa – To be silent.
Quedarse en la calle – To go broke.
¡Qué dicha! – Good!
¿Qué es la vara? –
¡Qué madre! – What a drag!
¿Qué me dice? – How’s it going?
¡Qué pelada! – How embarrassing!
¡Qué pereza! – What a drag!
Queque – Something that is easy or as we say “a piece of cake.”
¡Qué rico! – How good (food, woman, etc.)
¡Qué rollo! – What a pity!
¡Qué tirada! – What a problem, pity!
¡Qué torta! – What a mess!
¡Qué va! – No way!
Quitado – A boring person.
Quitarse el tiro – To avoid a responsibility.


Rabo – A person’s rear end.
Regalar – To have a baby.
Rajar – To brag.
Rajón – A bragger.
Rancho – House.
Rancho – Vomit (vulgar).
Rata – A bad person.
Rayar – To pass another car on the street.
Regar bolas – To spread gossip.
Regarse – To have an orgasm (vulgar).
Regar la bola – To spread the word.
Regar las bilis – To get mad or irritated.
Reguero – A mess.
Reputear – To scare (vulgar).
Reventada – A good looking woman.
Ricura – Pleasant.
Robar pasto – Steal someone’s mate.
Roco – An old person.
Rocolo – An old person.
Rocola – A Joke Box.
Rodar – To deceive by stringing along.
Rogelio – A 1000 colón bill.
Rojo – A 1000 colón bill.
Ruco – Horse or pants.
Ruliar – To sleep


Sacarse el clavo – To avenge.
Sacarle el jugo a algo – Take advantage of a situation.
¡Salado! – Tough luck! Person with bad luck.
Salvada – Any action that gets you out of a jam.
Salvar – To get someone out of a jam.
Salveque – A backpack.
Salir aventado – Quickly.
Salvar la tanda – To get out of a jam.
Samueleador – A Peeping Tom.
Samuelear – To spy on.
Sancochar – To steam vegetables.
Sangrón – Bully.
Sapear – To accuse.
Sapo – A tattle tale.
Sátiro – A dirty old man.
Se la juega – Know how to handle or manage something.
Se les da la mano y cogen el codo – Give them an inch and they will take a mile.
Semerendo – Anything that is big.
Ser buena nota – To be a “cool” person.
Ser codo – A cheap person.
Ser como carne y uña – To be good friends.
Ser pipa – To be intelligent.
Serruchar el piso – To back stab someone.
Serrucho – Dog.
Sinvergüenzada – A shameless act.
Sobársela – To masturbate (vulgar).
Soda – A small luncheonette.
Socado – Fast.
Soplarse – To hurry.
¡Soque! – Hurry up!
Sordina – Deaf.
¡Suave! – Take it easy!
Subirse el apellido – To get mad.
Subírsele el humo a la cabeza – Something goes to someone’s head like their success etc.
Subírsele el apellido – To get mad.
Sudar la gota gorda – To work hard.


Tallado – Broke, no money.
Tamaño poco – A lot.
Tanda – A drinking binge.
Tarro – Jail (slang).
Tapia – Deaf.
Tapis – A drink of liquor or to be drunk.
Tarreado – Drunk
Tata – Father.
Te conozco mosco – To know someone well.
Teja – A 100 colón bill.
Tener buena cuchara – To be a good cook.
Tener hasta el copete – To be fed up with something.
Tener la papa en la mano – Have something easy.
Templado – A person who gets sexually aroused easily.
Templarse – Get sexually excited (vulgar).
Tener chicha – To be angry.
Tener chispa – To be intelligent.
Tener todo el güevo – To a have a lot of money.
Tenis – A woman’s beasts (vulgar).
Teresa – A woman’s breast (vulgar).
Tico – A Costa Rican.
Tigra – Laziness.
Tieso – Broke or not having money.
Timba – A fat stomach.
Tiquicia – Costa Rica.
Tiro – Solution.
Tombo – A policeman.
¡Tome chichi! – Take that!
Torcido – Bad luck.
Tortero – A person who gets into a lot of problems or causes them.
Tortillera – A female homosexual (vulgar).
Tortuguismo – A work “slow down”.
Tostado – Drugged or crazy.
Tragársela – To believe a lie.
Trolear – To walk or go on foot.
Tramo – A type of stand used by street vendors.
Trillo – A path
Troles – Your feet.
Trompa – Mouth
Tuanis -A greeting which means “Great,” “Nice” “Fantastic.”
Tucán – A 5000 colón bill.
¡Tumba la vara! – Stop bothering me.
Turistear – To travel.
Tuza – A good for nothing.


Un camote – A weird person.
Un cero a la izquierda – A person who has no ability or a nobody.
Un come mierda – A bad person.
Una libra – Five hundred colones (money).


Vacilón – Fun
Vacilar – To joke or have fun.
Vaina – A thing.
Vara – A thing or object.
Vararse – To have your car break down on you.
Varas – Just kidding
Vararse – To have your car break down.
Veranillo de San Juan – Indian Summer.
Vergazo – A blow or hit. (vulgar).
Vergear – To beat someone (vulgar).
Verla fea – To be in a jam.
Vieja de patio – A gossip.
Viejo verde – A dirty old man
Vieras – You should have seen.
Vino – A “Snoopy” person.
Vinear – To snoop.
Vivazo – An astute or sharp person.
Volar – To fire a person.
Volar pico – To talk
Volar culo – To have sex (vulgar).
Volar pata – To walk.
Volar plomo – To shoot.
Vos – Familiar form used to address people in Costa Rica instead of tú.
Vuelta – An errand.
Vuelto – Change (money) from a transaction.
Vueltón – A long distance or trip.


Wachiman – A guard or watchman.


Ya vengo – I will be right there.
Ya voy – .I will be right there.
¿Idiay? – What is the problem?
Yigüirro – A bird or homosexual (vulgar).
Yodo – Coffee.
Yunta – A couple (people).
Yuyo – A person who bothers you a lot or a pest.


Zaguate – A mutt, street dog or a womanizer.
Zapatero a sus zapatos – Get to work!
Zaradajo – Old clothes or rags.
Zarpe – The last drink or one for the road.
Zocar – To hurry.
Zompopa – A big ant.
Zorra – A lose woman (vulgar).
Zorro – A girl crazy man (vulgar).
Zorrear – To look for women (vulgar)