Features of our Spanish program for Travelers and Tourists

We know that you and your family are planning a trip to Costa Rica or another destination where Spanish is the local language. For this reason we want to tell you about the characteristics of our Spanish Program for Travelers and Tourists.

    • Study before arriving:  You can take the Spanish Package before starting your travel experience. According to our program you should start at least 4 weeks before travelling. If you need to take the course in less than four weeks, there is no problem, but you must communicate with us, to do a different coordination in your program.
    • Online Classes using Skype: We use Skype as a technology platform to teach our students. It is a free platform, then our students do not need to pay for using it. With Skype, our teachers can share documents, can share the their computers´ screen, use chat to communicate and of course use the camera for a better interaction with students. You can use Skype from different devices like: Computer, Cellphone or Tablet. If you do not have Skype in your computer you can download it from here.
    • Three Packages of Classes: You can choose your package of study among 3 options. It is important to point out that the study program is exactly the same in each package, the difference among them is the quantity of study hours and also if it is group classes or private classes. Below you can read about each package:
Package 1: 08 hours group classes

In this option the student will take the classes with other Students at the same time.You will never take the class with more than 6 students. Our Spanish Teacher is prepared to manage the class with all the students. We recommend to take our packages with at least 04 weeks before coming to Costa Rica, however if you need to take the program in fewer weeks, please contact us and we can coordinate your program. We can do it!. Book here : Package 1 

Package 2: 08 hours private classes

With this option the student will take the classes in a private session, no other students connected in the session of class. However, because your session is private, you have the opportunity to take the classes with another person of your family in the same session. For example, if you are planning to travel with your husband or wife you can take together the classes without additional cost. So this is a really good option if you want to take the classes with members of your family.   Book here : Package 2

Package 3: 16 hours group classes  –  You have more time to practice !

Also with this option the student will take the classes with another Students at the same time. You will never take the class with more than 6 students. The idea with this package is to have more time to practice the lessons. It is 16 hours of classes. With this option the students have more time to practice pronunciation, the structures and make questions to the Teacher !!. Book here: Package 3

    • Different Schedules of Classes: There are different schedules of classes. It depends on the package you choose. We suggest you to take the program at least 04 weeks before you come to Costa Rica. In that case if you choose 8 hours package, you need to take 2 daýs of classes per week ( 1 hour session per day ). But if you choose 16 hours package, you need to take 4 days of classes per week ( 1 hour session per day ). After you choose the package of classes, we will send you a specific link with all the information about the groups where you can take your respective classes.
    • Prepared Native Speaker Spanish Teachers: Our teachers provide you with the optimum learning experience by combining the latest technology with the human skills of native teachers. The high student ´s retention rate and endless commendations about our teachers prove that customers love our classes. We employ highly qualified, teachers to carefully explain and encourage students. When hiring our Spanish teachers we look for these traits: dynamic, cultured, knowledgeable, reliable and funny. The tutors are flexible and adaptable to your learning needs, so just tell them what area of language learning you would like to focus on.

Study before arriving Costa Rica

Online Classes using Skype

Take classes with your Family.

Different Schedule Classes

Many of our Students have improved their Traveling Experience after speaking Spanish!!!!