We are celebrating eleven years teaching Spanish to Expats and Residents.

Thank you for allowing us to be an essential part of your lives during your stay in our country.

We are pleased to celebrate eleven years of teaching Spanish to hundreds of expatriate or resident students who have allowed us to be an essential part of their lives during their stay in Costa Rica. Countless are the number of beautiful experiences that we have shared throughout these years.

We are sure that despite how difficult the years 2020 and 2021 have been worldwide, we will continue doing what we love to do: teaching Spanish, and now it’s your turn; we are waiting.

Alex  Murillo & Wagner Freer (Directors and Teachers)

A memory of our 9th Anniversary – August 2019 –

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Due to situations presented by COVID 19, 100% of OUR CLASSES ARE ONLINE, with the idea of ​​protecting all our students’ health.

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We know you’ve been waiting for this for a long time

The good news is that you already found it

With the five-finger system, our students will acquire the necessary tools they need to overcome language barriers in a fast and enjoyable way. Simply and appropriately, you will begin to produce sentences in Spanish, which will allow you to communicate anywhere.

After ten years, hundreds of students are speaking Spanish appropriately after learning with our system. After four weeks using this system, you will be able to speak Spanish and enjoy going to restaurants, shopping, traveling, and many more things in the local community.

It is real, easy, and functional!

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