After School Classes Online

For several years, we have supported the process of learning Spanish for the youngest members of the household.

Normally children are integrated into schools or high schools in Costa Rica. Unfortunately, sometimes they encounter a language barrier that does not allow them to give their best academic performance.

With our after-school Spanish classes program, we help children get through this process.

The after-school program includes two modalities that can be developed according to the student’s needs; in the student program, we can combine even both modalities.

  1. Program for resident children: In this program, we develop the necessary tools for effective communication with the children. We teach them to structure sentences – using our five-finger system – which allows them to communicate like a native speaker.
  2. Support the School Academic Program: In this program, we support the study program developed in the school or college where they attend. The students provide us with the material they are studying, and we give them the necessary support to meet the school objectives. We help them do their homework and jobs.

We know that the kids do not have much time due to the academic load of their institutions; therefore, we have established two programs of private classes that you can see below. Please contact us here if you have any questions.

Kids in classes

Materials to study

Teacher Majo

Our options for after School Classes Online

  • 04 weeks – 01 session p/week
  • 01-hour p/s – 04 hrs p/month
  • Material PDF documents.
  • 04 weeks – 02 sessions p/week
  • 01-hour p/s – 08 hrs p/month
  • Material PDF documents.