About the school

Let us tell you a bit about our story.  We have almost 16 years being in contact with languages. Initially, Alejandra (Alex) worked for a Spanish School at Curridabat where she realized her love for Spanish Teaching as a Second Language. Later, we had the opportunity to open, with Alejandra’s mother, a Spanish School at San Pedro, which in two years was moved to Curridabat (Epifania Spanish School). It was until then, where we analyzed the possibility to open a new school at a different location and we decided to come and explore new opportunities in Escazú…

In July of 2010, we started the new Spanish School in San Rafael of Escazú…

On August 4, 2010 Spanish School for Residents and Expats, opened its doors to students living in Costa Rica for a long time and being here for different reasons (study, work, retirement, etc.). Practically, we started in a small nicely decorated and super cozy garage, but so soon it became bigger as the result of the number of students requesting our services. In February 2014, after nearly six months of seeking larger premises is when we found our second house where we stayed for 3 years.  In February 2017, we decided to move our school to a new place. Now the School is at our House, yes now we are sharing our house with our students. We have a special program for students who want to stay in our house and study with us !!

It´s a very large house in San Rafael de Escazú (here you can see our map) where you can enjoy all the facilities and an excellent learning process. Thanks to its strategic location, students are able to arrive by car, bus or walking and take advantage of our parking area. Currently, we have 6 classrooms with a capacity for 6 students each and also we have a big terrace for more than 50 people.

According to our teaching methodology we prefer small groups, therefore these rooms are very suitable for our programs. At Spanish School for Residents you can find different social areas, offices, 2 bathrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, an internal garden and a back yard with a pool, the perfect place where you can sit to chat, study or finish your class work. We also have parking for about 7 or 8 cars and offer wireless internet connection available to our students.

To you, who are reading these words and probably thinking of enrolling in one of our programs,  we want to thank you very much because each one of our students are the pillars in our growth.

To all our current and future students we also want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of your personal and professional success.

Welcome to Spanish School for Residents and Expats !!!!!!!!!

Spanish School 2010

Spanish School 2014

Spanish School 2016

Spanish School 2018


Hello friends!

My name is Wagner Freer and I have worked at the school since the day we opened (August 2010) with our first student, Raymond Dunstan. During this time I have fallen in love with what I do because it has given me the opportunity to learn about different cultures around the world.

Definitely, teaching Spanish as a second language has changed my life as I enjoy when my students get to understand, produce, think and speak the language, you are all “Pura Vida”.

Some of the countries and their culture we have had the chance to learn from are: Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Turkey, Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, England, Taiwan, Poland, Gales, Australia, among others.

Finally, do not hesitate to contact me in case you have any question regarding the administrative side of the company. I am here to serve you !

Greetings to Everyone.

Spanish Teacher for

Private Students and Groups Classes

Hello !

I’m Alejandra Murillo. I studied Design and Architecture but soon I discovered that my real passion was teaching Spanish as a second language.

I started teaching over fourteen years ago and each day I like it better. Spanish Language can be fun and easy to learn, depending on how you are learning it. I know that because I have been studying English and Japanese for a long time and it has been very challenging.

But I believe that if the Spanish teacher makes the learning process fun and interesting, it would be easier to learn.

“Let us teach you to love Spanish language as we do”

Spanish Teacher

Student Coordinator

I am originally from North Carolina and have lived in Costa Rica for a bit over 7 years. I learned very early that one can significantly increase the quality of life and the overall experience here by speaking Spanish – at least some Spanish. While I’m certainly not fluent yet, I am what I’d call “functional” in Spanish. I can take care of normal business at a bank or elsewhere, go shopping, talk with and give directions to taxis, ask questions and generally enjoy myself while out and about.

I started with Spanish School for Residents and Expats 3 years ago and have been a student ever since. I am now the school’s Student Coordinator. In this capacity, I assist potential new students with questions about classes and the school. Many have not yet come to Costa Rica and have questions about life in general here. We can also assist with temporary housing near the school. I am typically the first contact new students have with the school.

I am proud to be on the school staff. We offer excellent classes in groups or in a private setting but also cultural programs like museum tours, city tours and etc. All these enhance the learning process of both Spanish and Costa Rica.

If you have any questions about the school, our classes or anything, please contact me at: Phone +(506) 2288 2157 or email: john@spanishforexpats-cr.com.

John Boozer

Community Manager & Teacher

Hello everyone !!!

My name is María José Freer Murillo, and as you can see I am the youngest member of this team. Since I was little I have seen all the work of my parents and now I want to apply my studies the work they have done for several years.

Therefore, in addition to starting as a Spanish teacher for children, I am also in charge of the social networks of both schools, so if you see me doing videos or taking pictures during classes, you know what the reason is!

I hope we see each other at some point and since I wish you many successes in your classes!

Majo in classes