Classes Online Private Sessions via Zoom

In especial the year 2020 and this 2021, due to all the situations worldwide with the COVID-19, ONLINE PROGRAMS are an excellent option to care for our health, and our Spanish School agrees to follow the best health practices.

Therefore we have worked hard to improve and give our students more Spanish Programs Online you can take from the comfort of their house or office.

Next, we want to give you some specific reasons why you should study with us:

  1. You can take the classes from Costa Rica or anywhere around worldwide.
  2. You can learn from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere else you choose.
  3. Class schedules are flexible, convenient, and suitable for your lifestyle.
  4. You can use different devices to take your class: mobile, notebook, tablet, etc.
  5. You will receive all the information and practice materials to your email account or by WhatsApp.
  6. We use the platform ZOOM to teach our Online Spanish Classes.
  7. We record all class sessions and then send them to the student so he can study later. Each student can create their their video collection.
  8. Your payment could be by wire transfer or with your credit or debit card.
  9. Spanish School for Residents and Expats offers the option to study in Groups Sessions or Private Session.

We invite you below to review the information of the current groups where you can join, as well as the information of the groups that we will open in the coming weeks. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about the programs: contact us here

Teacher Alex & Wagner

Julie & Glen from Idaho, USA

Our options for online private classes

  • 04 weeks – 01 session p/week
  • 01-hour p/s – 04 hrs p/month
  • Material PDF documents.
  • 04 weeks – 02 sessions p/week
  • 01-hour p/s – 08 hrs p/month
  • Material PDF documents.
  • 04 weeks – 03 sessions p/week
  • 01-hour p/s – 12 hrs p/month
  • Material PDF documents.
  • 04 weeks – 05 sessions p/week
  • 01-hour p/s – 20 hrs p/month
  • Material PDF documents.