Policies & Conditions

It’s an honor for us to be part of your learning experience at Spanish School for Residents and Expats. To fulfill your expectations and achieve your goal in our programs, it is necessary to follow these policies and conditions. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Payment: Your program must be pay before or on the very first day of classes; otherwise, you will lose the discount on the price or the particular conditions.

Payment methods: It’s preferable to make the payment in cash (dollars or colones). If you pay in colones, check the exchange rate  “VENTA” according to BAC San José bank. If you want, you can make a transfer to our Bank Account. Please bring the transfer’s copy on the first day of your class or send it to our WhatsApp (506) 7076-8283. Also, you can pay with your debit or credit card.

I case you will transfer, here, the information about our account. Please choose the right option according to your case.


  • Beneficiary Account: 9381-1769-4 (savings $)
  • IBAN: CR700-102-0000-9381-1769-46
  • Company Client ID: 3-101-758302
  • Beneficiary Name: Centro de Idiomas Noviembre Doscientos Veintidós SA

If you transfer the money from another Country

  • Transfer to Bank: BAC San José (formerly Banco San José SA)
  • Swift: BSNJCRSJ
  • IBAN: CR700-102-0000-9381-1769-46
  • Beneficiary Account: 9381-1769-4  (savings $)
  • Beneficiary Name: Centro de Idiomas Noviembre Doscientos Veintidós SA

Class cancellations: On the first day of classes, the student needs to communicate to the School if any situation affects the attendance during the month of classes. If you don’t do that, it is essential to follow these aspects:

  • The student needs to communicate about the situation 12 hours before the class.
  • If the student does not communicate with the School, the student will lose the class.
  • The student can cancel classes for 25% of the course package, as long as you cancel the classes according to our cancellation policies. For example, if your classes’ package is 08 days of classes per month, you can cancel twice in the month. If you need to cancel more times in the same month, you can do it, however; the School does not make up for these classes. The make-up of this 25% of classes will take them at the end of the program. If the School needs to cancel or change one day of classes, the students will not lose them. The School and the students will reach an agreement for the make-up session. You can communicate the situation via e-mail to wfreer@spanishforexpats-cr.com or WhatsApp: Wagner (506) 7086-8283 or Alex (506) 7109-9891.

Packages for Couples: In these packages, the students get a special price; thus, the students need to coordinate with the School the first day of classes if they cannot attend classes on specific days during the month. After that day, if the students need to cancel classes, they can do it; however, it is impossible to make up the respective classes. We suggest, if one of the students cannot attend classes, the other person can take the class. If it is impossible for both students to attend classes, they will lose the lesson.

Control of classes: In both cases – individual packages and packages for couples, we suggest to our students take control of their classes according to the number of days of classes per month. We do have our attendance control; however, you must follow the same control on your own.

Thanks for your understanding,

Alex and Wagner