Policies & Conditions in our Spanish Programs

We are delighted that you are thinking to study Spanish with us!!  Since now we know it will be a great learning experience!!

However, we know that to maintain a nice “Student – School” relationship; is necessary to establish some policies and conditions in different areas. For this reason we ask you to read carefully each of the points, and if you have any questions feel free to contact us!!

About the payment

The student needs to pay the first day of classes; otherwise you will lose the discount in the price of the program. We prefer the payment in cash – dollars or colones.

Also, if you want, you can transfer the payment to our Bank Account. Please bring the transfer´s copy the first day of classes of your Program.

Here you can find the information of our account. Please choose the right option according to your case.


  • Beneficiary Account:  71 40 33 00 8 (savings $)
  • Client Account – SINPE – 102 0000 71 40 33 00 81
  • Physical Client ID: 1-0875-0700
  • Beneficiary Name: Wagner R. Freer Chan

If  you transfer the money from another Country 

  • Transfer to Bank: BAC San José ( formerly Banco San José SA )
  • Swift: BSNJCRSJ
  • IBAN: CR65010200007140330081
  • Beneficiary Account:  714033008 (savings $)
  • Beneficiary Name: Wagner R. Freer Chan


  • Beneficiary Account:  200–02–080–520577-1 (savings $)
  • Client Account – SINPE – 151 – 080 – 200 – 252057 – 74
  • Physical Client ID: 1-0875-0700
  • Beneficiary Name: Wagner R. Freer Chan

About classes´cancellation

Individual Packages: The first day of classes the students needs to coordinate with the school if any situation affects the attendance during the month of classes: having a specific activity or if  it is not possible to attend classes. If you don’t do that, is important to follow the next indications:

  • The student must communicate with the School if it is not possible to attend classes.
  • The student needs to communicate about the situation 12 hours before the class. If it is possible, communicate with more time in advance so this is better for our classes´schedule.
  • If the student does not communicate with the School, the student will lose the class.
  • If the student communicates the situation, we can reschedule the class in another day.
  • The student has the possibility to cancel classes as maximum of 25% of the package of classes. In other words, if your package of classes is 08 days of classes per month, you can cancel 02 times in the month. If you need to cancel more times in the same month, of course you can do it, however the School does not make up these classes. The student needs to take the classes that cancel the following week after the cancellation. If during 02 weeks after the cancellation the student do not take the class, unfortunately the student is going to lose the right to take this respective class.

You can communicate the situation with us through our e-mail address: wfreer@spanishforexpats-cr.com or sending a sms to our cell phones: Wagner 7076-8283 or Alex 7109-9891

Thank you for understanding our cancellation policies!!

Control of classes

In both cases – individual packages and packages for 2 students together, we suggest to our students to take control of your classes according the quantity of days of classes per month. Always we have our daily our control of attendees to classes, however it is important that you follow the same control on your own.

Dear Students, if you have any question about our Policies & Conditions, feels free to contact us!!

See you soon!!!

Alex and Wagner