What the Students say about our Spanish School?

I was a student at the Spanish School for Residents for a year and a half while living in Costa Rica. I am so happy with my experience and the language skills I gained. I think it is very important to have a learning environment that you feel comfortable in.  It was here that I found a program and most importantly instructors who encouraged and supported me to step out of my comfort zone and make many errors, as I gained confidence in my ability to speak Spanish.

I really enjoy traveling to other Spanish speaking countries now and having the ability to communicate in their language. Thank you Wagner and Alex for a wonderful experience!

Program: Spanish Classes for Residents Students
End Program: April 2016

Bonnie DavisEmbassy of United States

정말 가족같은 편안함을 느낄 수 있는 어학원입니다. 처음 코스타리카에 와서 모든것이 낮선 때 Alex와

Wagner 덕분에 어학 뿐만아니라 생활에 필요한 많은 정보를 얻을 수 있었고 잘 적응할 수 있었습니다.

다른 선생님들도 모두 전문적인 지식을 가지고 있을 뿐만 아니라 유쾌하고 밝은 성격이라 수업이 정말

재미있습니다. 또 세계 각국에서 온 사람들과 자연스럽게 친구가 될 수 있구요. 즐겁게 스페인어를

배우고 싶은 분들 이 어학원을 추천합니다!!

Program: Spanish Classes for Residents Students
End Program: I am currently Student

Joey KimSouth Korea - Policeman





Program: Preparation Dele C1
End Program: December 2014

Hana NaganoEmbajada de Japón

I am retired and have lived here for 5 years. I promise you that being able to communicate, even at the most basic level, will be met with enthusiasm and offers of assistance from the local Ticos.

Further, I have been taking Spanish classes from Spanish for Residents and can attest to their professionalism and ability to teach Spanish. The classes are fun and relaxing but, at the same time, I increase my level of Spanish in each session.

Take the opportunity to enjoy your Costa Rican holiday to the fullest by learning some Spanish with the program of Spanish for Tourists before you start your vacation. You will not regret it !”

Program: Spanish Classes for Residents Students
End Program: I am currently Student


John BoozerRetired

This was the second summer my boys (ages 14 and 17) took private Spanish lessons at the Spanish School for Residents, and my first summer. Alex, Wagner, and all of the other instructors are wonderful teachers. Their patience, sense of humor, and personal interest in their students’ success were always apparent.

We truly enjoy our time at the school. I whole-heartedly recommend the Spanish School for Residents & Expats!

Program: Spanish Classes for Foreign Students
End Program: August 2014

Elizabeth, Bradley and Brandon AptilonEEUU - Students

The Spanish School for Residents is one of the best things I have found in CR. Wagner has been extremely helpful as our Spanish mentor, and also as a guide and provides valuable input regarding Tico culture. His learning methods are very practical, to the point and differs from your typical “classroom” session, which is why its the best way to learn Spanish in CR.

Program: Spanish Classes for Residents Students
End Program: I am currently Student

Prem KandasamySri Lanka - Financial Analyst Amba Research

This school is amazing!

Alex and Wagner are kind, patient, and understanding teachers who have helped to make Costa Rica feel like home. Through group and private classes, I have learned to speak Spanish with more confidence and improved grammar. The classes are incredibly flexible and I have been able to tailor my learning to my professional goals of teaching in my area of specialization – entirely in Spanish!

In short, don’t look anywhere else. This is the school you want to attend!

Program: Spanish Classes for Residents Students
End Program: I am currently Student

Kylan TurnerEEUU - Behavoir Analyst / Autism Intervention Researcher

I could not imagine a better combination of warmth, good humor, and serious instruction than at Spanish School For Residents. I have not only learned innumerable words and grammatical rules, but I feel that I have joined a thriving community. Where a lesser school might feel formal, dismissive, or disorganized, SSFR shows the seriousness of its intentions and a commitment to its students’ real lives.

The moment I arrive, I feel welcome.

Program: Spanish Classes for Residents Students
End Program: I am currently Student

Robert Isenberg - Tico Time´s JournalistCountry: EEUU Age: 34 yo

My experience in Costa Rica was amazing, it would not been the same if I had not attend Wagner’s and Alex’s Spanish School. They took me in a family and helped me learn spanish while learning the culture. I learned a lot while taking the classes. They told me about local events, set up cooking classes, and most importantly we had a party for Costa Rica’s soccer team in the world cup. The teachers that in the program are passionate about Spanish and have the patience to help anyone out. I highly recommend to anyone that wants to learn spanish while learning the Tico culture to do it with Wagner and Alex!

Program: Spanish Classes for Foreign Students
End Program: June 2014

Alex LopezEEUU - Student

Wagner es un excelente profesor!

My husband and I moved to Costa Rica with a only basic high school Spanish. We desperately wanted to learn the language as quickly as possible. In one lesson with Wagner, we learned more than I ever thought was possible. We were able to have basic conversations with local speakers within a week.  We still have a lot to learn, but being able to speak some Spanish – and actually understand everyday conversations – after just a couple lessons was a true thrill!
Wagner has a gift for making complicated and dry material (like irregular verbs) interesting and fun to learn.  He is a warm and encouraging teacher.  It is very obvious that he enjoys teaching and has a passion for sharing his language and culture with others.  I would certainly recommend Wagner to anybody who would like to learn Spanish and have fun while doing it.

Thank you, Wagner!

Do you want to read more about the experience of Erika in Costa Rica, click here Erika Volk Fitness

Program: Spanish Classes for Residents Students
End Program: June 2014

Erika Volk and Colin GillilandEEUU - Personal Trainer & Nutricionist

When I came to Costa Rica I wanted to expand my high school Spanish skills to a practical fluency.

Wagner and Alex were great at challenging and expanding my language skills through practice by immersion, conversation, and vocabulary. Learning Spanish was made practical and fun by either discussing the history of vampires with Wagner or learning how to tell really good stories with Alex. I definitely recommend signing up for the Spanish Classes for Residents program…esto es un programa divertido donde aprenderá mucho de la idioma y si está bien, entonces Wagner le traerá el pastel muy delicioso a la clase!

Program: Spanish Classes for Residents Students
End Program: May 2014

Robert MijaresUSA - Enginner/Teacher

Liebe Alex und Wagner,

ich habe mich bei euch in den 6 Wochen wirklich sehr wohl gefühlt. Euer Lernangebot begeistert und ist vielfältig. Die Lehrer lieben ihren Job und haben eine ausgereifte Lehrmethodik, aus der viel Erfahrung spricht. Natürlich ist Einzelunterricht ein guter Weg, um die Sprache effektiv und vielleicht auch schneller zu lernen. Aber die Gruppenstunden möchte ich auch nicht missen, was haben wir gelacht. Die interessanten Geschichten der Teilnehmer aus unterschiedlichen Ländern und mit ganz unterschiedlichen Berufen und Beweggründen haben wir auch perfekt auf Spanisch verstanden. Die Mischung machts. Und nicht zu vergessen eure Herzenswärme, die die Seele der Schule ist. Macht weiter so und viel Glück und Erfolg für eure Zukunft.

Espero que nos reencontremos! Muchas gracias por todo y abrazos muy fuertes

Susanne Reiche Germany - Translator and Interpreter

My learning experience with señor Wagner and his Spanish School has been the most professional and expert guidance that I have received in the past 10 years of my life as an expat in 4 different countries.

A thorough and thoughtful guide in Wagner has been accentuated by the brilliantly crafted course designed to help me deal with the day to day functioning in a spanish speaking country.. I felt that there could have been no other course so interactively designed to improve my daily communication skills as well as facilitate my personal growth with a well learnt foreign language to assist me further in life.

My sincere gratitude to señor Wagner and his team for this invaluable service to so many aspiring expats like me. I wish them the very best in this journey of knowledge which they undertake each day to promote harmony and eloquence between so many people!

Program: Spanish Classes for Residents Students
End Program: May 2014

Aparna WatalIndia - English Teacher

Spanish School for Residents is a very welcoming place and I look forward to going to my class each week.  The teachers are excellent and after almost two years, I am still making progress.

Program: Spanish Classes for Residents Students
End Program: I am currently Student
Diane FeeneyFrance - Sportswoman

I have attended class with Spanish School for residents for the past few months. Wagner and Alex are both friendly teachers who are responsive to their students’ needs. And in addition to providing classes, they also host fun events for their students!

I have and will continue to recommend their school for anyone wanting to improve their Spanish and meet new people along the way!

Program: Spanish Classes for Residents Students
End Program: August 2014

Angélica CortezLibrarian CDS Costa Rica