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Since yesterday our Spanish School for Residents and Expatriates began its season of FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASSES, and that is why we want to tell you about them. These classes are aimed at all those who want to know how our five-finger system CAN HELP YOU TO SPEAK SPANISH IN A FEW WEEKS. So if you […]


Today, Monday, October 19, at 5:00 in the afternoon (Costa Rica time – MST), our Spanish School for Residents and Expats participated in a YOUTUBE LIVE SHOW held for our friend PEPITO LIVE IN COSTA RICA. This program discussed  HOW TO ASK DIRECTIONS IN COSTA RICA. The program participated in our Directors and Teachers Alex […]

Trivia de la semana

Every Wednesday on our school Facebook page, we will post a question related to grammar issues, and we want you to try to solve the exercise. Throughout the day, you can give your opinion and check your knowledge. On Thursdays, we will be posting the correct answer to the trivia. We invite you to participate. […]

Costa Rican Expressions

To live in Costa Rica, if you are a foreigner, you must learn to speak Spanish; however, there is a time when Spanish is not enough to understand what people are saying. Los Ticos, we mix standard Spanish with the Spanish we speak in Costa Rica; that is why we have named this section COSTA […]

COVID-19 Information

Here you can read the last upgrade about COVID-19 information for our students. Last updated: 09/10/2020 – Reference: US Embassy in Costa Rica. Country-Specific Information: Costa Rica continues to see a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases within its borders.  The Government of Costa Rica has implemented a series of restrictive measures to try and […]


On this Monday, September 14, at 5 in the afternoon (Costa Rica time – Central Standard Time), our Spanish School for Residents and Expats will participate in a YOUTUBE LIVE SHOW held for our friend PEPITO LIVE IN COSTA RICA. This program will discuss the 12 most essential expressions that every tourist who comes to Costa Rica […]

The most searched words in the RAE dictionary related to the coronavirus.

‘Pandemic,’ ‘quarantine,’ ‘confine,’ ‘resilience,’ ‘epidemic,’ ‘virus,’ ‘morgue,’ ‘triage’ or ‘care’ are some of the most searched words in the Dictionary of the Spanish language ( DLE) during the last month, coinciding for the most part with the days of the State of Alarm due to the coronavirus pandemic. The RAE has explained that throughout this […]

Due to the effects of COVID-19

During the last ten years, our Spanish school has developed classes in our school, in the office or at our student’s home, and also online courses via Zoom. Due to the effects of COVID-19, our school has decided to transfer 100% of our study programs to ONLINE CLASSES. Our students continue with their teaching process […]

Christmas celebration party 2019

Our Christmas party is already a tradition. It is super beautiful to share great moments with our students. And the best thing about our party is that we also include all members of the family. It is also a tradition that our students bring food that represents their country of origin. This allows us to […]