On August 19, 2017, Spanish School for Residents and Expats celebrated its 7th anniversary at the school (co-located with the home of the directors). The celebration started at 11:30 AM with a party for students and families. Many stayed the for the entire party (until about 11:30 PM) and others came for a few hours.

Students brought food from their native countries to be shared with all.

There were about 80 total folks throughout the day – students and families. The following countries were represented:  Germany, Canada, India, Nepal, USA, Brazil, Lebanon, Norway, England, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Denmark, Lithuania and probably a few more.

This is one of the many things that Spanish School for Residents and Expats does beyond just teaching Spanish. They feel that it is important for students to have the opportunity to meet others living in Costa Rica. Many times, students have just arrived in Costa Rica and don’t know anyone. This and other events, like student dinners at local restaurants, give students the opportunity to meet others and have a more enjoyable experience living in Costa Rica.

This is also an opportunity to meet those from other countries, learn some of their customs and try some of their local dishes.

The party was a great success – evidenced by the photos below.

As I mentioned, the anniversary party is just one of the things that we do for students beyond the classes they take. We offer Free Live Classes on a variety of topics (irregular verbs, regular verbs and others). Students can attend the “Live Class” or view the class when they have time via YouTube.

We also have dinners at local restaurants from time to time and invite students. This is an excellent way to meet new friends but also practice Spanish in a real situation. Everyone has a great time – new friends, great food & drink and learning more Spanish.

We are always looking at new and different ways to increase the value of classes with Spanish School for Residents and Expats.

Written by John Boozer, our Student Coordinator

On Tuesday, July 25 a group of about 12 students met to have a great dinner at La Posada de Las Brujas in Escazú. The food here is excellent as is the service and price. This is a more typical Costa Rican venue and is almost always full. Since Tuesday was a national holiday there were even more people there and we had a bit of trouble getting a table for all of us together but the staff was able to accommodate us quickly – the staff is great! This was our first group dining event and by all accounts it was a great success. We will be doing more of these soon so stay tuned.

We are planning more outside activities each month. Some we are considering are San Jose walking tours, La Feria market tours in Escazu, Museum tours and more dinner outings.  Please let us know if you have an idea for a student group activity.

We feel that these activities allow students to experience more of Costa Rica while at the same time speaking and practicing Spanish in a day to day situation. Also, students that are may be new to Costa Rica get to know other students outside of their group class and form new friendships.

The annual student party will be Saturday, August 19, 2017 at the school. It starts at 11:00 AM and goes until everyone leaves. People will be coming and going all day so plan to come and stay all day or just a few hours – whatever your schedule allows. It will be a “pot luck” & B.Y.O.B.  More information will be forthcoming so keep an eye out but mark your calendars now. It is always great fun with Wagner even teaching some dancing – as the night goes on!

There are some other new things that are available on our website like the Spanish music, puzzles and more. “Flash Cards” are also available and are a quick and easy way to review anything from the alphabet, parts of the body to furniture items. One can study quickly and easily outside the classroom and it’s fun too. Here is the link: http://www.spanishforexpats-cr.com/student-resources/.

¡Pura vida!

Write by John Boozer, our Student Coordinator

By Ana Johnson, CNN – June 2, 2017

 Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee perform ‘Despacito’ with contestant Mark Isaiah in ‘The Voice’ finale.

(CNN)A wall may go up between the United States and its Spanish-speaking neighbor to the south, but nothing can stop the success of the nation’s current No. 1 hit song, which is mostly in … Español.

The song “Despacito,” by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi and reggaetón star Daddy Yankee is number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 for the third week in a row (it also features Justin Bieber). Although Latin influence in pop culture is not new, there hasn’t been a Spanish language song in the top spot since “Macarena” in 1996.
But “Despacito” which means slowly in Spanish, is far from a gimmicky dance craze song. Instead, the Latin pop and urban love song has Spanish and non-Spanish speakers singing “ay bendito.”
Twitter user  @hannahjmurray says, “I’d be lying if I said my white self didn’t try and learn the lyrics to despacito.”
Fonsi has a hard time explaining the success of his song. “I don’t know the exact reason why this particular song has connected with a worldwide audience, especially with those who don’t understand Spanish … I just wanted to write a great song.”
While “Despacitio” has broken language and cultural barriers in the United States, some minorities, nonetheless, are feeling racial anxiety because of this particular moment in American politics.
“It’s an interesting time we’re living in. Just when you think we’re living in a bit of a divided world, music is bringing us together, no matter the language! That’s what I’m most proud of,” Fonsi says.
Daddy Yankee credits music as a universal language, bringing people together regardless of background or skin color. “People are more receptive to learn … connect and exchange their opinions in the digital world and learn more from one another,” Daddy Yankee says.
“Despacito” also leads Billboard’s streaming songs chart with 65.4 million streams and digital song sales of 137,000 downloads.
The music video was filmed in the streets of Puerto Rico, featuring locals playing dominoes and dancing. Fonsi told CNNE he wanted to show those who aren’t familiar with the culture how cheerful Latinos are and how prevalent music is in their daily lives. The woman turning heads in the video is Miss Universe 2006, Puerto Rican actress and model Zuleyka Rivera.
“It has a feel-good vibe, with a great beat that provides an escape from some of our everyday issues and I think everybody can relate to that,” Fonsi says. “The main lyric is also easy to sing along to…des-pa-cito,” he adds.
Read the original news here:  Original News